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Cost Recovery for Schools and Education
Document Cost Recovery | Device Access Control and Accounting

Your school can recover the costs of printing and copying with an integrated expense management solution.

Why go with CashFREE schools?

Developed and proven in New Zealand, Konica Minolta’s cost recovery technology leads the market. Now it’s easy to put money back into your school budget.

Benefits for your school:

1. You can on-charge for student prints and copies at variable rates, generating revenue to cover the cost of paper and document production equipment.

2. Cost recovery reduces wastage and personal document production by making students and teachers accountable for their printing and copying.

3. The Konica Minolta cost recovery monitor can interface to your school’s existing accounting software, to provide a full audit trail.

4. Having an automated cost recovery system streamlines administration. There’s no cash handling involved; charging is accurate and consistent; administration staff aren’t required to oversee transactions

5. Usage reports can be generated for devices, users or departments, which assists with decision-making and budget planning.

6. Parents can add value to their child’s student user account online and have the knowledge of what that money will be spent on (food & drink, stationery, uniforms, school trips, copy & print, computer/internet use).

7. Gives students added security with PIN number access and reduces problems associated with card loss or theft, (as each student’s running total is stored on a central database).

8. Prompt teachers for department codes for accurate budgeting

9. Charge students and teachers at varying rates according to the output, e.g. for copying/printing by paper size, colour, B&W, duplex (you can establish up to 16 different price levels).

10. Use current style of student ID cards to provide access to user accounts.

“The Konica Minolta cost recovery monitor made it easy for us to charge fairly and accurately for printing and copying. Our budget is looking better for it.”

Why Konica Minolta?

Konica Minolta’s cost recovery technology has proven its value in New Zealand schools and is fully supported by our experienced service team.

Professional service and support
Konica Minolta’s highly skilled service team has been handling the installation, maintenance and support of cost recovery systems for more than 25 years – the longest track record of its type in New Zealand.

A strong connection with the education sector
Konica Minolta have supported the School Executive Officers’ Association for more than 10 years. This is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to the education sector.

Income that pays for your hardware
A Konica Minolta cost recovery monitor gives you the opportunity to generate income that will more than cover the cost of your technology and consumables. For example, if 2,000 students each print two black and white (10 cents a page)and one colour page ($1 a page) per week, revenue will add up to $96,000 per year. Deduct the cost of technology, toner and paper to reveal the profit.

Control your expenses by monitoring document production in your school. Gather usage information that will help you to make accurate, informed budget decisions.

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