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Monitor superVISor net
Document Cost Recovery | Device Access Control and Accounting

Software that captures copy/print activity to provide flexible reporting

Monitor SuperVISor net incorporates a simple user interface with a comprehensive database to capture and manage copier/printer output, providing a multitude of reporting options

Key benefits of management software

  1. Windows interface is easy to understand and use
  2. Copy/print activity is captured and stored in a secure database
  3. Provides centralised control of all terminals
  4. You can choose the output you require - real time reporting in Excel, Access or through your existing browser
  5. Allows the establishment of cost centres and users so that costs can be efficiently allocated to the relevant user/client
  6. Detailed reports help you to make informed budgetary and planning decisions based on accurate, up to date information
  7. Data can be shared with your existing accounting software

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