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MB20V6 Terminal
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Monitor MB20V6 TCP/IP
Swipe Card Terminal with Monitor superVISor net

A robust swipe-card terminal that facilitates use of copier and print stations with a simple, read-only card.

Key features for card users

  1. Each card can be given a PIN number for increased security
  2. Cards can be charged at varying rates according to the output, i.e. paper size, colour, black and white, duplex.
  3. Card users can scroll through a list of accounts/client codes once they have swiped their card
  4. Online terminals display the current available credit for the cardholder/assigned department
  5. Credit can be displayed as the number of copies remaining or as a
    remaining dollar balance. Credit decreases with each print or copy

Key features for administrators

  1. The MB20 can operate across the network using TCP/IP or serial cabling communications
  2. The total for each card is stored on a central database, not on the card, ensuring control and security
  3. Up to 16 different price levels can be set for card users
  4. Use of IP communications means improved response times, easier remote set-up and configuration
  5. Terminals can operate across a widely distributed site using low bandwidth connections
  6. Terminals nationwide can be connected directly back to head office through the company network
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