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PaperCut is a leading solution to monitor, quota and report network printing and internet use - PaperCut is renowned for its combination of powerful features and ease-of-use.

PaperCut is now tracking the printing of over a million users in more than 60 countries worldwide.
PaperCut ChargeBack
PaperCut ChargeBack is designed for businesses and organizations who need to track print job costs by account (client / project, department, job / issue / matter, phase). It works by allowing users to allocate their print jobs to accounts via popup client software.

This makes PaperCut ChargeBack ideal for organizations such as legal, accounting, consulting, design, architecture and engineering firms.  You can view how Konica Minolta has added considerable value with the Case Study, Duncan Dovico.

PaperCut ChargeBack enables you to:
  • Recover costs from your clients, turning printing expenses into revenue.
  • Produce reports, track expenses against budgets, monitor trends.
  • Place quotas on users, preventing abuse of printing services.
PaperCut NG
PaperCut NG is the latest generation product to monitor, report control and quota network printing and/or internet usage. It's a premium solution integrating the latest software technologies, innovative ideas and best features. PaperCut NG a cross-platform solution designed for networks of all sizes, from smaller schools to the largest universities and businesses.
PaperCut NG Highlights
  • Innovative 100% web-based administration allowing admin control from anywhere on the network.
  • Cross-platform support for both servers and clients. Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Novell and Unix.
  • Differential print charging allowing costs to be defined per printer with varied prices for colour, duplex and large form printing.
  • Quota internet access by integrating with leading proxy servers such as Microsoft ISA Server and Squid.
  • TopUp/PrePaid Cards - ideal for student payment management.
  • Print release stations for secure printing, or for pay-per-print usage in public libraries or Internet cafes.
  • Advanced reporting in PDF, HTML and Excel.
  • Charge printing to shared accounts - great for allocating printing costs to departments, faculties or cost centres.
  • Import users and groups from Active Directory or an LDAP server like Novell eDirectory or OpenDirectory.
  • Scalability up to 100,000+ users with the option to take this further with application server clustering.
  • Full support for multiple print servers and monitoring of local desktop printers.
  • Error notifications when printers are in error.
  • User tools and client software to allow users to view balance and usage history.
  • Open architecture - full documentation and APIs provided to all customers.  


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