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superVISor epay
Document Cost Recovery | Device Access Control and Accounting

supervisor epay

  • Cashless convenience of an electronic payment kiosk
  • Add value to your user account by debit card
  • Simple swipe card and touch screen keypad operation
  • Full on line transaction recording & audit trail
  • Secure account loading with validation receipt
The sophisticated and versatile Monitor Expense Management Solution allows the central on line control of a range of services such as copying, printing, vending and laundry. Monitor superVISor epay is a configurable electronic payment add-value pay station or kiosk. Users add money to their superVISor net account from their debit card bank account by swiping their Electronic Funds Transfer (EFTPOS) card at the touch screen kiosk.
For Your User
  • Cashless convenience of adding value to their account electronically
  • Easy to use with on screen amount options & credit display
  • On line credit balance offers security since value is not on the card
  • Confidence offered by proof of transaction receipt
  • One-stop location offers personal safety & top-up for multiple on-campus services
  • Self-service & 24 hour access

For You the Service Provider

  • Real time transactions guarantees funds availability
  • Secure user access, authentication and credit validation
  • Optimise space, convenience & security through single strategic placement
  • Lower labour & maintenance overheads
  • Revenue stream & advertising opportunities
  • Peace of mind security – no cash on site
  • Uses any standard magnetic stripe or proximity card or limit to local card use
  • Configurable text messages, on screen images & backgrounds
superVISor epay provides an electronic method of adding value to a superVISor net account, deducting money directly from the users debit account. This pay station option forms part of a family of products that work together in an integrated Expense Management System. Other Monitor devices include copy control, point-of-sale, vending and laundry control terminals, as well as pay stations that accept cash. The epay pay station or kiosk allows value to be added to a user’s account to access any of these services, within a single cashless environment

The superVISor epay kiosk is easy to use and presents some flexible options for the user:

  • Swipe superVISor net account access card or enter user account number
  • Enter PIN using the on screen keyboard on the kiosk touch screen
  • Choose a $ value amount from the on screen prompt or enter an ‘OTHER’ amount
  • Swipe bank debit EFTPOS card & enter PIN
  • Screen displays the increment amount and new account balance or if transaction has been declined
  • A receipt is printed for the users records
superVISor epay kiosks form part of a cashless Expense Management System on campus or retail sites. Controlled by Monitor’s powerful superVISor net software, across standard Ethernet networks, they deliver real time transactions and on screen balances. Funds are immediately available for use and safe if the user’s card is lost.
Automatic centralised cash collection of funds encourages utilisation of multiple services by users in one secure location, and provides financial security with immediate validation of receipt of electronic funds. Therefore there is no requirement for the collection of cash, providing overhead savings and increased security from break-ins.


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