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Sentinel Services
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Sentinel Services
Sentinel Service is a proactive service offering that is unique to Konica Minolta. No other document solutions provider can provide this unique service offering, combining multiple technology offerings together seamlessly. Sentinel Services is a world break through and this was demonstrated when Konica Minolta New Zealand won the prestigious IBM Global Award in Chicago, for innovation in the area of service and support.

The aim of Sentinel is to provide a superior service experience – printer/copiers can contact Konica Minolta automatically to alert the service team to problems.


The key uniqueness of Sentinel lies in the connection to the Konica Minolta service system that means there is direct communication between your devices and the Konica Minolta technicians.


MFD’s signal Konica Minolta when help is required.  When these messages are received they are processed in the management systems then automatically allocated to the appropriate technician, who can action the resolution process. In addition, when Konica Minolta receives a message indicating that the equipment is out of paper, toner or staples, Konica Minolta sends a message to the key operator responsible for that machine. This means that they can restock the machine for the benefit of the other users. In turn this decreases downtime and ensures productivity is not compromised. Konica Minolta is also able to contact some printer/copiers to retrieve service meter readings and other usage information. The meter readings are taken as part of the normal monthly billing cycle, remotely.


When a fault is registered in the system, Konica Minolta sends an email to the appropriate body within the organisation, e.g., IT helpdesk, advising them that an issue has been registered with Konica Minolta and is under action. Sentinel service can also be used to update the firmware in high volume/production printer/copiers - the printer/copier responds to an email from Konica Minolta, then downloads the firmware from Konica Minolta and loads it. This service ensures that the organisation is running the latest firmware with all the attendant benefits that can bring.


Konica Minolta can also analyse the printer/copiers performance, looking for pre-cursors to problems, then act on this to prevent problems arising – even down to automatic replacement certain consumables when Konica Minolta receives messages that the devices have run out of these consumables.


In developing these services, Konica Minolta is pushing into new PROACTIVE service territory. There are three substantial advantages to customers in Konica Minolta rolling out these services:


·         Any issues are reported immediately.

·         The service technician will know exactly what the issue is with any printer/copier, not a second hand report of the actual fault.  If the fault refers to some component that the technician does not currently stock, then the technician can ensure that the component is available before arriving at the customers’ site. 

·         No more need for customer staff to be involved in taking meter readings, thereby freeing staff to concentrate on their core tasks.


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